Utopia 5th Birthday!





Utopia 5th Birthday!

Ash Mealey vs Mike Ahmet vs Delayed vs Fierce DJs
This set will be INSANE! With Ash Mealey blasting back on to line ups after many years away, there’s no doubt he’ll be bringing his a-game! Fierce DJ with his library of energetic tunes mixing this up with Mike Ahmet bringing his awesome stage presence and knowledge of the harder styles, and the Blazed Badman Delayed with his technical skills and wicked tunes, this set will be of the highest standard!
Jimmy P vs Matt EP / MC Bates
These two DJs need no introduction, having been residents at Claires Nightclub/Bohemia constantly throwing the almighty Twisted Destiny events back in the day! This set will be certain to be a trip down memory lane and a real treat to the ravers!
Travis b2b Hervz
Two names you really cannot ignore, Travis has been delivering some of the South West’s most talked about sets lately, absolutely bossing it at various events at Plymouths DEPO, this time alongside Torbays budding producer, bringing his own twists to hard genres, this set with HerVz will be a wild ride!
Lee Greenaway
The South West’s Hard Trance Boss man, Lee Greenaway has reignite the regions hunger for events with his mammoth brand, REBIRTH. Time after time Lee delivers sets that blow the roof off, expect a real journey through the world of hard trance in all its glory!
Having held many residencies with many different events and brands over the UK, this guy will be playing some tried and tested classics with some of the finest and probably undiscovered anthems of the future! Be prepared for audible assault!
Red Ronan vs Johne C vs Evolving Suns Audio
These boys will be bringing all different kinds of flavours to the ravers! With Red Ronan being part of the furniture in Torbay, putting him alongside Johne C who’s been on line ups all over the country, you cannot miss this chance to dance! With Brad’s own productions, you’ll be wanting to indulge in hearing some fresh new music!

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