DNB @ The Attic
Saturday 29.06.2019
over 18’s

KAETO (Dub Voltage/Soundbully)

Plymouth Based Drum & Bass Producer and DJ, Kaeto 2016-2019…began producing House and Dubstep until finding his forte in Drum & Bass in the late stages of 2017 and has not looked back since.
His track ‘Monster’ ( released on Dub Voltage ) has been causing shock waves all over the UK and Europe and was played out by some of the biggest names in D&B
Prepare yourselves for an eye-opening blend of UK Style and Belgian Style Jump Up and even some tracks you have never heard before from himself and other under-the-radar producers you’ll wanna keep your eye out for!


“Infectious bass, daring skills and a hunger for excitement.”
Specialising in Jump-Up Drum and Bass, she is always guaranteed to to get a crowd up on their feet and having a good time. Familiar to the small city scene of Plymouth, she has ventured to festivals and nightclubs across the UK. After playing Motion, Bristol’s main room to nearly 3000 people, Rhea has only been eager for more – being booked to support industry headliners such as Chase & Status, Logan D, Nicky Blackmarket and more. Rhea has featured on BBC Radio and her production led to being a guest on BBC ‘The Round Table show.


is a DJ/Producer who has had the pleasure to play along some of the biggest names in the game such as Skibbadee, Devilman, Ego Trippin, Sly and more….
Also featured on Rough Tempo and Reassemble radio

Plymouth based D&B DJ and producer:

Head honcho of Blacklight Promotions

Signed to 4×4 syndicate/Big Twisted Goat/Fearless promotions

Supported Benny Page, Signal, Mampi Swift, Dutta, Lupo, R3DX and more….

Pandi has a totally unique style, instantly recognisable…I can recall one evening walking toward the Factory Nightclub in Plymouth and saying to my partner, ‘That’s Pandi?!!’ … when we got inside…there he was killing it for real!!…his skills are not limited just to DJ either…check out his Soundcloud and you will see this DJ is making some bass heavy bangers for sure!

An exciting fresh new talent sure to blow up any dance! Right now his calendar if pretty much full so we are excited to have this B2B on the cards


From Sussex originally now in Devon he has played gigs up and down the country
He was part of the Equalization Sound system who toured the UK back in 2007 and played over at the mighty French Tek the same year
Now running Equalization events he is no stranger to getting a dance floor moving playing classic to modern d&b promising a roller coaster ride from start to finish!


has been playing bass heavy music for 30 years
Owner of event brands including Jungle Heaven, Uno 1, Akwardunity, Dred Lion, Steppa’s, Slam!+ More.His selection is always the finest and is guaranteed to get the crowd moving!



is currently celebrating 25 years as a MC
He has travelled up and down the country to clubs and festivals to spit his bars , he is no newcomer to the scene and definitely has helped in building the southwest drum n bass scene you have today. MC Delight spits original bars and sounds like no other , his style is adaptable and doesn’t sound out of place when spitting his bars over the different styles of drum n bass . He’s had the privilege to mc over dj’s set such as Rap , Roni Size , DLR , Fabio, High Contrast , Lenzman, Soul structure , Logan D, Whiney… the list goes on and on. MC Delight holds down the longest running drum n bass radio show in Devon called lost in the dark radio, which broadcasts every Saturday night from 8 -10 pm from sound art radio in Totnes which he’s done now for the last 11 years. MC Delight is guaranteed to get you dancing , thinking and having a mental time.


Is there noting this man can’t do regular hardcore MC and owner of 2rude4radio over 1000 of views a week and on everything hardcore across the uk he joins us for a bit of D&B Tupz has a secret love for D&B and brings years of experience in the game.

Detail MC
is a Devon-based master of ceremonies covering all aspects of the DnB universe. Hailing from Devon, Detail Mc first appeared as the host of a weekly DnB show on SWU radio with Rizen and Clearaction, before becoming a resident of various nights in Exeter and the surrounding areas, including Rinseout, Rinse It, Off the Grid, and We Want. After honing his skills and evolving to become more of a let-it-roll presence on stage, Detail MC has featured in venues across the UK, from Cornwall to Newcastle and everywhere in between.

He’s shared sets with local Devon talent such as Maxi P, Mr Nice, Operation D and Catalyst, as well as some truly international names like Fred V & Grafix, Hazard, Mampi Swift, and Dimension, to name but a few.

Having been in the game for more than 12 years, Detail Mc has hosted at festivals across the UK, including Lockdown, Beautiful Days, Aeon, and Lemonfest, with much more to come.

Multi genre MC artist covering DnB, grime and hip hop. Has MC alongside of Gdub, High Daniels, Raminal, Tesseract, Morty Dia, Darther Vader and SNA. Got a residency at invasion audio.


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