Polyrhythm August Bank Holiday Techno Party 2023





Polyrhythm creator Antiself brings a diligently curated night of techno to Torquay.

/// What is this event about?
If you like electronic music and want to escape the crowds and commercial bars this bank holiday weekend then look no further. This Saturday DJ & producer Antiself is hosting a diligently curated night of techno oriented electronic music at the Attic nightclub in Torquay.
/// What will the atmosphere be like?
The Polyrhythm crew are a friendly, open and non-judgemental bunch who enjoy making meaningful connections with new people through the shared experience of music and art. We highly value community, kindness, honesty and integrity and believe this permeates through every aspect of our lives especially music. We also love a bit of escapism every once in a while!
/// So what is actually is Polyrhythm?
Polyrhythm started life as a radio show on the twenty-four hour online techno station FNOOB in June 2020. The original concept was to provide a platform for up and coming South West producers and DJs which was then later extended to include established artists both locally and from further afield. Now that the show has escaped the confines of “strictly techno” by moving to Outer Rim Radio the original concept of supporting the wider electronic music scene can be realised. This event will hopefully be the first of an ongoing series of events backed by the now bi-weekly radio shows (which are archived to our mixcloud page). The events may be few and far between and take many different shapes and sizes but there is one thing that we promise and that is… quality.
/// Who is playing and when?
1000 – 0000 Polyrhythm residents
0000 – 0130 Alex SouLoud
0130 – 0330 Ms Ogyny
/// What does this bunch sound like then?
Check out the links below to listen to previous mixes by our residents and guest DJs.

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