Monroe’s Torquay Reunion





‘Monroes was one of the UKs most celebrated black music clubs in the 80s & 90s, particularly famed for its ‘beautiful people’. Fashion definitely met underground music at the local peacocks favourite destination. Often the audience would travel from all over the country to attend such was its notoriety. Musically cool jazz, hard funk and sweet soul packed the dancefloor with import tracks being played months before they were released here. Now, after all these years those weekend nights are being faithfully reproduced with the exact music being played by the exact DJs. Monroes, the reunion will be massive !! ‘

Room 1:
“Monroe’s Saturday”
DJ’s Mike McGowan + Mr Fish
Anthems, classics and all that car wash

Room 2: “Monroe’s Friday”
DJ’s Chris Dinnis + Dave Elmer
70’s, 80’s, 90’s Jazz Funk & Rare Groove

£5 Advance tickets


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