Loose Lips in Torquay – M.C. Escher Birthday Rave



Room 1:

- DJ Chalky b2b Winkle (Midlight/Porridge Bullet)

Chalky and Winkle are first and foremost a pair of utter herberts. They are united by an unquenching thirst to dig deeper than the other has dug before, even when the other digged deeper than when the other one did and so forth. Fusing jazzed out techno cuts with the funkiest wacked out flavours, they collectively bring an impromptu b2b ethic whenever they are brought to any given table that sees fit. Anticipate the peeling back of heads or best case scenario, unnerving chaos and general dismay...from a perplexed and disheartened crowd!

- Viscera DJs (Viscera)

Sharing a similar interest in all things cosmic, Viscera was formed by a group of friends who felt the need to showcase an alternative style of dance music in the Westcountry.

Alongside running a blog and regular podcast series, Viscera have booked the likes of Timothy J FairPlay and Phil Banks in Plymouth, as well as having played with the likes of Khidja, Manfredas and Felix Dickinson. Keep locked for their monthly Noods show starting 18th July.

- T-Scale (Loose Lips/Reposition)

T-Scale, from Liege, started experimenting with audio editors and sequencers in his early teens. Active on his local scene since 1998, having been involved with several collectives and the now defunct Industrial-Bass Music band, Urban Toonz, he played alongside internationally acclaimed DJs and live acts like Murderbot, Ital Tek, Subjex, Exillon, Milanese, Boxcutter and Noize Creator.

Now based in London, he is a member of the UK based collective and platform, Loose Lips, which launched in 2014, as he continues to push his sound forward. In his quest for physically impossible sonorities, he has spent a few months developing a performance tool that gives him the ability to sculpt sounds on the go. At a recent gig in Macedonia, he played an incredible “live pure data” set, using real-time graphical data flow programming to create all his own sounds.

With this huge wealth of knowledge and a hard drive stacked with unreleased productions, his recent ‘Spookz EP’ on new label Reposition is long overdue. He describes his music as Industropical or Funkyndustrial and when you hear his two original cuts on this EP, these descriptions become more apparent.

- DanBe (Loose Lips/Vivify)

Dan plays records with a special affection. Throughout his teenage years, he constantly immersed himself in electronic sounds, resulting in a rich taste.

In Devon, he grew up as a major part of GroundVibes collective and held a residency with Vivify, regularly playing alongside the likes of Phil Weeks, Medlar, Fabio Monesi, Billy Nasty and Subb-an.

Room 2:

- SWMS (Loose Lips)

No crystals, no hippies.

- Brain Rays (Bizarre Rituals)

Brain Rays aka Benjamin Hudson is one half of Hip Hop duo Baconhead and founding member of the Bizarre Rituals crew.

His ‘Music for Abandoned Beach Parties’ album caught the ear of Rob da Bank, Neil Landstrumm and Eddy Temple Morris with it’s sun-baked funk and House riddims. His DJ sets range from chopped ’n’ screwed House and Ghettotech to Jungle and Footwork.

- Tofuti Klein (Bizarre Rituals)

BR resident Doc, AKA Tofuti Klein, sometimes makes ‘romantic techno’. The Wire magazine said really nice things about it that she’s too embarrassed to repeat. Her ‘The Ghost of Marimba’ project is all about high-concept lo-fi tropical midi pop songs which are mainly about being old and are permanently being mixed and never quite ready. One time member of now-defunct doom metal band Bog Eye with Brain Rays and French Tony.

- Stoogie Houzer (Bizarre Rituals)

Currently third in the competition to have the most aliases – Blazar, AKA Matthias Peters, AKA Stoogie Houzer, AKA Autobodies, is a designer and animator by trade and makes our amazing animated video flyers. Best not overlook his production chops and DJing skills too. Stoogie makes some seriously cool (is it still cool to say ‘cool’) experimental & low-slung rhythms.

In November 2015, Stoogie collaborated with Brain Rays on the Enter the Fug Mixtape.
Brain Rays’ and Stoogie Houzer’s second release as ‘The Fug’ is the Stank EP.
You can here an ‘Enter the Fug’ live session from the BR Radio Show here.
Distant Peaks (2 Moon Dub) (feat. Theo) on the Outer Limits sampler EP.

- Dionysian Rituals (SHFTD / Death of a Factor)

In the deep, dark forests and in the lush green valleys, worshippers of Dionysus celebrated the eternal cycles of death and rebirth, symbolised in the sacred mask of the wild god. Drunk and intoxicated, wearing the mask of Dionysus, the actor is at once the shaman and the priest. Channelling the presence of the fearsome divinity, he drinks the sacred wine and eats the raw flesh of his prey. In this eternal moment, he becomes one with the god and the beast residing inside of him. Within Ancient Greek culture, the sacred rites of Dionysus have been appropriated and transformed to theatre performances. The shaman became the actor, the participants became the audience, the sacred altar became the stage. From myth as a ritual performance emerged the theatre of tragedy, in which the undying spirit of Dionysus, majestic and terrifying, speaks to us even today.



Loose Lips heads back for our first proper Devonian event in a while! Keeping to our rave’s new-found cultural themes…

June 17th heralds the birth of Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher, whose work, still to this day, helps explaining complex mathematical concepts to students all over the world. He’s best known for his impossible objects, explorations of infinity and amazing tessellations, to name only a few elements of his creative legacy.

We’ll celebrate and rave it out in both rooms of The Attic in Torquay!

£5 OTD
22:00 – 04:00


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