Blazed Presents She’s One Of Our Own





The #SWM family is coming together again, to do what we do best. Supporting mates and showing unity can be understated, and our scene can be a political nightmare at times. But we always pull through in the end, remembering what’s truly important. Well this time, one of our own, Claire Cassidy is going through a tough time. Some of you may have heard she has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and has just had a major operation. We wanted to come together as one and create some positive energy and show her she isn’t alone in all of this. We know she’s gonna pull through but we wanted to do something to show a bit of support.
Any of Claire’s mates will know she is one of a kind. She always goes above the call of duty, and we all know she would help any of us at the drop of a hat. No questions asked and she never bats an eyelid. Claire lights up every room she enters and is always the life and soul of any party. We all have a story that we can go back to of a time when she did something crazy, or funny, or just helped us in a way that was a big deal to us, but just second nature to her. She comes from the old school and if you read a definition of what a friend is supposed to be, she ticks all the boxes. So it’s our turn to be her mate and to do something for her if we can. We figured coming together and putting on a sick rave, whilst raising a bit of cash would hopefully send some positive vibes and be a small help in a big fight.

This is what our music, our scene, and most importantly we are about. We will be putting on one hell of a night, and all we ask on the door is a small donation of at least £5. (Some of us will be putting in a lot more than this, so if you can spare it, please do. It will be going to a very good cause). The night itself will be mixed genre, Underground Dance music. The cash raised will be used to send Claire and Luke on holiday, or for them to do whatever they want with it. The idea is to have something to look forward to after a shit time, and coming together to do something we all love in the name of a very good friend. So, this is a roll call, for all of Cass’s mates, their mates and to all of the local raving crew. Get yourselves down on the night to show a bit of love, raise a few quid and have a good ‘ol stomp in the process. No excuses. The club have kindly donated their services, use of the club and equipment free of charge, the artists are performing and wavering their fees and everyone involved in the night is chipping in and doing everything with no charge. We have some serious artists involved and we are really grateful for their support. We are also setting up a go fund me page to donate online, for those that can’t make it or would like to donate online beforehand, the link is the pinned post on the event page.

We all know Claire will beat this. She is one of a kind and a strong girl. But that doesn’t make it any easier. So, let’s all come together, raise some money, and have a good time in the name of one of our very best friends. She’s one of our own.

Tickets: £5 (Minimum donation on the door).

Genres: Hardcore/Hardstyle/Gabba and Hard House.

Line up:

Andy Whitby
Alex Prospect
Scorpio B2B Octagaz
Mike Ahmet B2B Red Ronan
Monkey B2B Ayia Macca B2B Delayed
Pochie T B2B Mund
Linkie B2B Hervz
Natasha M
R.P.M B2B Ash Mealey


Venue and Directions: The Attic, 13 Torwood St, Torquay. TQ1 1ED.

Near Torquay seafront. Two minute walk up from Clock Tower.



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